MENTORZIC: A PROGRAM to equip aspiring DJs with the branding and communication skills to STAND OUT. Stay tuned for the next round of the MentorZic or book 1/1 lessons with Cristina or Eric below.

MentorZic is a 360 degree program encompassing setting a goals plan, branding, social media, production, getting signed, DJ support & gaining traction as an artist in terms of streams, followers & ultimately bookings.

The course is designed by Cristina Lazic based on the marketing experience she has gained over 10+ years at companies like Apple and Google, and is also led by Eric Louis who is an experience marketing professional, DJ/producer & runs his own label Devilish Affair.

During the course, participants will:

  • learn to cultivate self-confidence;
  • develop a goals plan;
  • learn to develop compelling social media content;
  • Identify a unique branding and storytelling for their artist profiles;
  • understand how to get signed, obtain DJ support and gain traction on streaming and social media platforms
  • gain insights on music production, event promotion and label management.

To foster a supportive community, all mentees will be invited to a dedicated WhatsApp group where they can exchange tips, suggestions, and motivation. 

Finally, all students will receive weekly newsletters with tips to be successful in the electronic music industry, for the length of the course.

The cost of the full programme is $600. Payments can be made in instalments of $200 each.

See FAQ below for all details.


Classes are led by Cristina Lazic and Eric Louis. 

What are the topics?

You can choose among any of the topics below:

  • Set yourself up for success and build self confidence 
  • Develop compelling social media content and use social media tools
  • Production Essentials & Deep Dive 
  • Get Played, Get Signed Get Fans 
  • Goals plan workshop 
  • Branding workshop 
  • “Ask me anything” session.

Depending on the topic you choose, you’ll have your coaching session with either Cristina or Eric. for the “AMA” session, please indicate with whom you’d like to have it.

How long are the coaching sessions?

Individual sessions are 60 minutes long each.

What’s the cost for each session?

$140 per session

4 sessions package: $120 per session

Will I get any perks from joining the sessions?

Yes, you will also get access to the MentorZic newsletter, you will be added to the MentorZic support group and will also receive special perks (like unreleased music and freemium content).

When will classes take place?

Group classes will take place on Wednesdays, 2pm NYC time / 8pm CEST:

  • Set yourself up for success and build self confidence – April 10 
  • Social Mastery: learn to develop compelling social media content – May 1 
  • Production Essentials & Deep Dive – May 22 
  • Get Played, Get Signed, Get Fans – June 12 

Individual classes can be scheduled individually with the instructors.

How long are classes?

The 4 group classes will be 90 mins long: 60 minutes content + 30 min Q&A 

Individual classes are 60 minutes long each


Yes – we are also introducing a custom option for tailored bespoke lessons available to students – these will rate as follows:

$120/hour for bespoke lessons (if not attending the  course)

$75/hour for course members who want additional coaching.