“La Zic”(= “the music” in French slang) is a unique and innovative platform offering a record label, mentorship program and apparel.


LAZIC001 comes from Cristina Lazic, with her pervasive ‘Luna’ EP, and her two originals with driving basslines, rich arpeggios, and epic atmospheres. To complete the package, top producers Mihai Popoviciu and David Gtronic add their unique twist, bumpy percussions, and energetic drums.  🌙

La Zic offers music somewhere between minimal, deep tech and melodic house. 


MentorZic’s mission is to equip aspiring DJs with the branding and communication skills to stand out – and ultimately succeed as artists. 

The 3-month, 6-sessions programme is designed  based on the skills Cristina has gained over her 10+ years experience at companies like Apple and Google. 

Applications for the April-June course are now open. 10 spots available, apply before it’s too late!


A curated series of limited tees for the fans of La Zic. Designed by Cristina Lazic and made with love in Italy.

About La Zic 🌙


The moon 🌙  is a symbol of elegance and femininity, shining  in the night and representing motherhood, balance, moods and emotions.


Surrealistic themes  like the mirror, the hourglass, the arch and the key are all concepts linked to important topics for Cristina, like self reflection, time and space, the universe and dreams.


The colours of La Zic are those from all phases of the night: from sunset to sunrise, via the darkest moments of the night.